Faroff (G Guruji) New PUBG Id, Stats, K/D Ratio, Earning & More

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G Guruji’s new channel Faroff is now at a new height. Within 1 month, he earned more than 2 lakh subscribers on this new channel.

On every new video of his new channel Faroff. More than 1.5 lakh views. With this, I am going to tell you about their new PUBG ID stats and channel earnings.

Faroff (G Guruji) Ali Nakvi

First of all, I am going to show his past information. Far-off channel owner names Ali Naqvi. He Lives in Lucknow. His previous channel named G Guruji has already more than 14 Lakh active subscribers. But currently Because for some reason he is active in his Faroff youtube channel.

His old channel G Guruji has over 655 videos uploaded. He used to upload daily videos on this channel. He tried to stream PUBG right from the beginning. Fans like his commentary style more than his content.

He has another channel called Glitch. He uploads videos of other games on this channel. Such as Minecraft, Valorant, and other action games. After the PUBG ban in India, he was more focused on this channel.

Faroff New PUBG ID / Stats


Faroff New PUBG Mobile id is 61239577509  and his in-game alias is TheDEKO . He is not part of any clan in this PUBG Id.

Here is Faroff’s Statistics from season 17.

This season Faroff played Duo & squad mode. He has a Kill to Death (K/D) ratio is 5.39, which is quite impressive. in this season he reaches the Ace tier.



Faroff YouTube Channel

The Faroff YouTube channel was launched in January 2021 this year. The owner of the Faroff YouTube channel is named Ali Naqvi. Ali lives in Lucknow. He is a Gamer Youtuber by profession.

They stream PUBG on this channel right from the beginning.

Faroff’s PC Specifications

● [Processor] – Ryzen 9 3900X

● [RAM] – 32 GB XPG Spectrix d50

● [MOBO] – MPG X570

● [SSD] – WD 1 TB

● [HDD] – WD 2TB

● [GPU] – Radeon RX6800

● [Mouse] – Logitech G502 Hero

● [Keyboard] – ZEB Max PRO

● [Monitor] – Ultra Wide DUAL

Due to some major reasons of old Channel G Guruji, he stopped uploading videos on his channel. But he opened a new channel named Faroff. He had not done any QnA before this and he has told about himself on the video given below.

Faroff Monthy Earnings

His channel has more than 2 lakh+ active subscribers. They get over 2.5 Lakh views on video every day and they are increasing.

He earns a monthly ₹2 Lakh To 2.10 Lakh rupees To from his channel according to social blade stats data & other 2 Sources. These figures may also be less or plus. But we have tried to give accurate information. We have told you this income generated from ADS Earning & super chats Income during streaming.

Faroff IN Game Sensitivity

He Has Not Reavelad His Official I Pad Device Sensitivity But I Am Showing Here His I Phone Device Sensitivity.
G Guruji Youtube
G Guruji Youtube
G Guruji Youtube

I hope all your doubts have been cleared for the Faroff gaming channel. Hope you like all the information about Faroff’s channel. If there are any problems or questions then you can ask us through comments.

Source – Faroff YT Channel

Image Source – Faroff

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