TOP 10 PUBG Players – Highest-Paid Gaming Streamers Of India 2021

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PUBG mobile game has become India’s most popular game in a very short time. This game has got most of the youth of the country addicted in the shortest time.

Today everyone likes to play this game, from small to large. The more people like to watch the live stream of this game the more the game is played.

As you know, people like to watch the gameplay of the pro players on the live stream. If we get out the entire list of Indian Gaming Community then it will be quite long.

There are a lot of streamers in India today that has become popular due to their gameplay in a short time.

These gamers are followed in a large number of millions. Today we are going to tell you about such PUBG content creators in India who earn a lot of money by streaming live on YouTube.

Sources Of Earnings

  1. App Promotion / Brand Promotion
  2. Super chats
  3. Advertisements

Now friends, let me tell you about the 10 most popular and highest-paid gamers in India.

10. Gareebo ( Kunal Saraf )

Gareeboo’s real name is Kunal Saraf at number 10 on this list. Most people are not aware, but they started their YouTube channel from a roasting channel. After becoming popular in PUBG India, he started his new channel and he became very popular on YouTube. Today he has more than 1 million subscribers on his channel. If we talk about their earnings then the monthly earns around 70-90 k.

9. Kronten Gaming ( Chetan Chandgude )

Kronten means Chetan Belongs to a Marathi family. He is from Maharashtra. He started his channel with the gaming channel. Today his channel has more than 2 million subscribers and 1 lakh to 1.10 lakh of his monthly earnings. Let me tell you that Kronten has played the PMCO tournament and he raised the name of India in this Tournament.

8. GTX Preet ( Indrapreet )

The real name of GTX Preet is indrapreet. They have been streaming PUBG Mobile on YouTube for a long time. In the initial phase, their live streams did not get many views. But over time they became popular on YouTube. Today his channel has more than 1.50 million subscribers. Talking about their monthly earnings, they can earn from 2 lakh 50 thousand to 2 lakh 90 thousand rupees.

7. The Rawknee Games ( Rawknee Das Gupta )

The original name of The Rawknee Games is Rawknee Das Gupta. He is from Mumbai. He has a roasting channel called The Rawknee Show. Due to this channel, he quickly became popular in the gaming world. Due to PUBG, their gaming channel got such a boost that more subscribers than their roasting channel. Today, his channel has more than 2 million subscribers. If we talk about their monthly earning, then it goes from 3 lakh 90 thousand to 4 lakh 50 thousand.

6. Live Insaan ( Nischay Malhan )

Nischay Malhan started his YouTube career leaving his engineering job. It was very difficult for YouTube to explain to their parents. But following his passion, he started uploading videos on YouTube, and today he is popular Youtuber. With this, he also started his own gaming channel. Whose name is live Insaan? He has more than 2 million subscribers on his gaming channel. If we talk about earning, then it will be Rs. 5 lakh 50 thousand to Rs. 6 lakh ruppes in a month.

5. Beast Boy Shub ( Shubham Saini )

His real name is Shubham Saini. He is from Delhi. Since 2015, he has worked regularly on his channel. Gaming videos and some live streaming have been doing this on their channel. People started liking the content of their channel and if we repeatedly calculate their monthly earning, then they earn between Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh from YouTube every month. And today there are more than 3.50 million active subscribers on their channel.

4. Sc0ut ( Tanmay Singh )

Even today, their channel has not more subscribers than the other Youtubers. But they get millions to watch of them on the live stream on their channel. sc0ut’s real name is Tanmay Singh. They are from Gujarat. Today his channel has more than 2.50 million active subscribers. And if we talk about their monthly earning, then they earn between 9 lakh to 9 lakh 60 thousand.

3. Carryislive ( Ajey Nager )

carryminati comes at number 3 on this list. His real name is Ajay Nagar. You will all know that India’s most popular roasting channel carryminati belongs to them. Seeing this, he has raised his name in India so much that there is no need to introduce himself. They are also very active on the gaming channel. His gaming channel has more subscribers than 7 million subscribers. If we talk about earning their monthly, then they earn 10 lakh rupees per month.

2. Mortal ( Naman Mathur )

Mortal is on this list number 2. Mortal’s real name is Naman Mathur. He started his channel with PUBG Stream. Due to their gameplay from the beginning, people liked them a lot. Because many streamers used to play PUBG on an emulator, Mortal preferred to play it on mobile only. He comes at number 3 in the world of PUBG. He brought up India’s name in the PMCO. Today their channel has more than 5.50 million subscribers. If we talk about their monthly earnings, then it goes up to 10 to 11 lakh rupees.

1. Dynamo Gaming ( Aadi Sawant )

Dynamo. Today, every fan of PUBG knows and likes them. Dynamo is one of the top PUBG players in India. But they have struggled a lot to reach this point. 2–3 years ago, his gaming channel did not get more than 1000 views. But as soon as PUBG was launched in India, their luck opened up. And today their channel has more than 8.50 million subscribers. If we talk about their monthly earnings, then they easily earn from 8 lakh rupees to 9 lakh rupees in a month.

Friends I am talking about this Streamers Earnings based on video Advertisement. I have not told you about the promotion and super chats Earnings. So you can guess how much these streamers earn in a month. If you liked this article, then you can tell your opinion in the comment section.

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