How To Grow Gaming Channel In 1 Month – Zero To Hero Tips 2021

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If you have a gaming channel or you are thinking about making it, then this article is for you. YouTube channel requires some tips for a specific category.

But for a gaming channel, you need professional tips. There are some special things for gaming that you should keep in mind.

First of all, let me tell you what mistake do new people often make? They misname their channel name and do poor customization. Tell me that a good channel name can give a great boost to your channel.

Tip No. 1

  • Give Attractive Name

In the following, I am giving you a link to a website from which helps you can create a good name for your gaming channel.

Channel Name Generator 1

Channel Name Generator 2

Channel Name Generator 3

  • Channel Logo

Now with this, now you are naming your channel, then you will have to keep the logo of that channel also professional. What do a lot of people do?

They simply assume that if their channel is related to PUBG, then they have used a logo of PUBG Mobile Game in the branding of their channel. But you do not have to do this.

Logo Maker 1

Logo Maker 2

You have to use your own identity on your channel. You will find such websites from many who provide you logo design for free. With their help, you can use a nice logo for the channel.

  • Channel Customization

If the channel customization of your channel is not good, then you can face many problems. Whatever you are doing on your channel, you have to the audience will have to introduce it.

Suppose if you are giving Giveaways in your channel, then you must keep it in the description of your videos and in the channel heading. This can change views about the channel in the viewer’s mind.

  • Channel Art

Your channel art is a close friend of your channel. Because these can be a good option for channel art viewers.

When the viewer will see your channel art, they need to see all the related things of your channel. Showing the channel’s main content in channel art can be very beneficial for you.

Tip No. 2

  • Don’t Go Live

Most new gamers are making mistakes that despite their 0 subscribers, they are streaming live on YouTube.

They are trying to make it live on YouTube with third-party applications. YouTube says that you need 1000 subscribers to live stream.

You are at a disadvantage with your live stream on minimum subscribers. Because you are not getting audience retention.

Because people do not like to engage with the low subscriber’s channel for an hour.

Therefore YouTube algorithm will not suggest your video to many people. Your only disadvantage in this. Try to get your channel to cross 2000 subscribers.

  • Create a Short Clip Video

On the new channel, you make a short video of at least 5 to 8 minutes. You have to cover the entire game in just 5 minutes in one video.

This will help to create a new user base. You can also give videos of tips and tricks on it.

Tip No. 3

  • Upload 40 to 60 Videos In a Month

On the new channel, you will have to upload more and more videos in a month. Try to upload 1 to 2 videos in a day on YouTube.

If you do this in the first month, then you are able to work well. Note that the First impression is the last impression.

You have to take care of this to a large extent. With this, the algorithm of YouTube will also try to promote your content.

  • Use Apps For Editing

I have seen many such streamers who upload their videos on YouTube without editing their videos. Good video editing can be very beneficial for you.

he audience will increase the retention in such a way that you have done a good video editing.

You have to do good video editing in specific software. So that you can do great editing. I have given below such a free video editing software name for mobile & PC.

For Android


2.Power Directer

For Pc



  • Create Attractive Thumbnail

Now, what a thumbnail is? most people do not know what it means. Video thumbnails mean let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they’re browsing youtube.

A good thumbnail and eye-catching thumbnail can make people excited to watch your video. You have to put the highlight of the entire video in a text in your video thumbnail.

I am giving a link to some websites below, with the help of which you can create a thumbnail.

Thumbnail Maker 1

Thumbnail Maker 2

Tip No. 4

  • Play With Good Teammates

This tip that I am going to tell you, you have to take special care of it. Suppose You are playing a multiplayer game like PUBG, Call of Duty, and others.

So you have to find perfection in the team. The gameplay of a perfect team is quite different.

This will make the viewer like your channel and it will also increase audience retention. Try to play with good teammates who are playing with you.

  • Improve Skills

Along with the gameplay, you also have to keep in mind whether you are a good player or not.

If you are not doing well in the game then why would anyone watch your video? People would love to see good gameplay and user skills.

Tip No. 5

  • Give Your Own Special Touch

We and you also know that there are not 1 or 2 gaming channels on YouTube. You must have seen some features in many big streamers. You have to do something that no one else has done.

Like Dynamo Gaming’s special dialogue is “Patt Se HeadShot”. You also have to present some similar talent and some special words to your audience.

You will have to present such value to your subscribers which they may not see or hear on any other youtube channel. If you have succeeded in doing this, then you can definitely benefit from it.

  • Addict Your Subscribers

Now you are feeling strange to hear this but it is very important for you to do this. You have to become an addiction to your subscribers so that the viewer cannot live without your videos.

As soon as your video is uploaded at a particular time, then subscribers should watch this video. You have to create such ability should be in you if you want to stay in the gaming community for the long term.

I hope all your doubts have been cleared for the gaming channel. Hope you like all these tips and you will apply them to your channel. If there are any problems or questions then you can ask us through comments.

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