Hydra Ayush PUBG ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, Earning & More

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Ayush is a full-time YouTuber. Who entertain people through their skills through gaming on YouTube. Ayush’s real name is Ayush Shukla. He is from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, India.

If we talk more about them, they are 21 years old And they have completed his study with 12th science. His Profession is a full-time gamer/steamer on youtube.

Recently his channel Ayush Is Live has completed 1 lakh subscribers. In this happiness, he also published a video where he told about his youtube journey. They do 2–3 hours of steaming on their channel daily.


ID_ 517594360

Ayush PUBG Mobile id is 517594360 and his in-game alias is Ayush⥭FTW He is a part of FTW &【Bi】clan.

Here is Ayush Statistics from season 13.

Ayush Is live YouTube Channel

Ayush started its channel from 2017. He has been playing the PUBG PC game on his channel since the beginning. He plays the PUBG PC game in the beginning stage. But seeing the popularity of PUBG mobile, they started streaming it live daily, and today his channel surpassed 1 lakh subscribers.

Ayush also plays a PUBG emulator on his channel and also on mobile. From the beginning, he understood playing on the emulator much better. But due to the craze of PUBG, they have shifted themselves to mobile.

PC Specifications

● [GPU]: RTX 2060 SUPER

● [Processor]: RYZEN 9 3900X

● [HDD]: 1TB

● [PSU]: 700W

● [Corsair Monitor]: LG 22 INCHES

● [Internet Speed]: 100 Mbps Up & Down

● [Headset]: RAPOO

● [Keyboard]: ANT ESPORTS

● [Mouse]: LOGITECH G402

● [Mouse Pad]: LOGITECH

He also brought out a video of his journey when his channel was completed of 1 lakh subscribers. In this video, he told how I started my career & he has told the journey of making from Noob to Pro.

Ayush Is Live Monthly Earnings

His channel has more than 1 lakh active subscribers. He has got more than 40 thousand views on each live stream video. He earns a monthly 30 thousand to 35 thousand rupees from His channel according to social blade stats data.

These figures may also be less or plus. But we have tried to give accurate information. We have told you this income generated from Ads Earning & super chats Income during streaming.

IN Game Sensitivity

Ayush also streams on the emulator. But we have shown mobile sensitivity. Because most people demand sensitivity on mobile.

I hope all your doubts have been cleared for the Ayush Is Live gaming channel. Hope you like all the information about Ayush’s channel. If there are any problems or questions then you can ask us through comments.

Source – Ayush Is Live YT Channel

Image Source – Ayush Is Live

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