AURA Scooby PUBG ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, Earning & More

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AURA Scooby’s real name is Parth. He is are 20 years old. Parth lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with his family. Recently, in March of 2020, he has taken out the 12th. In a few months, they are now going to made new college friends.

Scooby has played with many big YouTubers. Like G Guruji, GameXpro, and Legend X Etc. They play on the IPad. he says He has not yet thought of playing on an Android device.

He quickly passed 1 lakh subscribers in his youtube career due to playing with big YouTubers. Fans keep waiting for their gameplay videos. Fans are waiting for their face to reveal.



AURA Scooby PUBG Mobile id is 572707516 and his in-game alias is AURA \ Scooby. He is a part of AURA clan.

Here is Scooby’s Statistics from season 14.

Aura scooby played all tier in this season. He has a Kill to Death (K/D) ratio of 5.41 in squad mode, which is quite better. in this season he reaches the Ace tier. But He is achive Season 13 & 14 Squad TPP Conqueror tier.


Parth launched his channel Scooby in mid-2018. From the very beginning, he started uploading the gameplay of PUBG on his channel. Scooby uploads new Gameplays + tips and tricks video of trending games like Pubg mobile and uploads videos daily at 12 PM daily.

His journey grew faster since he started uploading Gameplays with the big YouTuber G Guruji and Legend X and they completed 1 lakh subscribers within 1 year.

He is anI pad device player since the beginning. He had expressed his desire to play on mobile. But in a video, he told that I can play better on I pad on comparing to mobile.


● [Device] : iPad + iPhone 11

● [Recorder] : Ibuilt iOS Recorder

● [Editing] : Poco [Kinemaster]

● [Recorder] : Inbuilt iOS Recorder

● [Headphone] : Skull candy riff

He also did a QnA video, In the mid of 2020. In this video, He has answered the most asked questions. I am giving here in the video, you can see if you want.


His channel Scooby has more than 3 lakh active subscribers. He has got more than 80 thousand views on each Gameplay video. He earns a monthly 60 thousand to 65 thousand rupees from His channel according to social blade stats data.

These figures may also be less or plus. But we have tried to give accurate information. We have told you this income generated from ADS Earning & super chats Income during streaming.


He has Not Revealed His Official Sensitivity ( Stay Tuned )

I hope all your doubts have been cleared for the Scooby gaming channel. Hope you like all the information about Scooby’s channel. If there are any problems or questions then you can ask us through comments.

Source – Scooby YT Channel

Image Source – Scooby

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